The most terrifying moment of our lives

Today, while playing with some visitors Isla face planted into hard flooring from sitting position. I was instantly by her side to pick her up and tell her she was ok. She screamed her little heart out and was difficult to calm. She was due for a feed anyway so I fed her to calm her down. She sat up from feeding and projectile vomited out of her mouth and nose about 5 times. I’ve never seen so much vomit. ever.

About 3-4 minutes later she started to vomit again. Not as forceful as the first few times but still vomiting way more than she has ever done before.

I called the pregnancy, birth and baby line and the lady said she would transfer me to a health assessment line to get an assessment to check if it could be a concussion. I was absolutely panicked at the word concussion.

After waiting a few long minutes the phone cut out while I was on hold. Isla started to look extremely fatigued and drowsy. She was quite floppy and was struggling to hold up her own head.

Peter and I decided to take Isla to emergency.. we put her in the car where she still seemed quite tired. She wasn’t due for a nap for another hour so we knew this wasn’t normal. We only got two houses away before I freaked out and pulled her from her car seat. She was falling asleep, unresponsive to me and was opening her mouth wide like she was silently choking. It was the scariest moment of my life. The worst case scenarios ran rapidly through my mind. I thought I was losing my little girl.

We instantly called an ambulance. They told us to keep her awake until they arrived. We waited for 15 minutes! This was the longest 15 minutes I could possibly wait for. I was hysterical. Isla kept falling asleep and going floppy. Then she would start going bright red choking and more vomit would pour out. This time it was green. I kept kissing her and telling her how much I loved her. How she was the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen. How important she was to us.

The ambulance arrived and started strapping her into the baby harness… when Isla looked up at the paramedic and smiled. She started to make some noises and move her legs around! It was such a relief. After checking her heart rate and oxygen levels and observing her behaviours the paramedics advised us that they were not concerned about Isla and that the vomiting probably occurred because she was shocked from hitting her face. She then most likely felt nauseous from the shock and sensing my fear that after a tummy filled with milk she vomited it up.

The cause of her drowsiness was highly likely to have been from vomiting. Apparently vomiting leads to low blood potassium levels which result in fatigue and weakness.

We chose to stay home with Isla and observe her ourselves because she was not in any obvious danger. If she was to vomit again the paramedics told us to bring her to the hospital ourselves. We were also advised that if she’s tired, let her sleep.

We took Isla back inside the house and she appeared to almost be back to her normal self, just a little more quiet. Her clothing was drenched in vomit and so was our clothing and the front veranda.

I took off her clothing, gave her a dummy and Peter and I both laid down with her in our bed. She instantly rolled towards me and put her little hands around my neck and closed her little eyes. To say I was nervous about her falling asleep is an understatement. I laid there and watched her chest rise and fall while she slept.

For the rest of the night Isla was a little unsettled but still pretty much herself. She sat outside and played with some water before enjoying some sweet potato for dinner (*giraffe for dinner 😆).

Wow! The little people in our lives can make us have what feels like a heart attack in the blink of an eye literally.

I am very protective of Isla and I don’t mind who thinks this is over the top. Seeing her in this condition ripped my heart out of my body. It was sickening and terrifying.

She’s our whole world.

She’s the reason our hearts beat.

Mumma and Dadda love you so much our hearts ache.

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