Newborn essentials that you actually need!

During pregnancy I did a lot of research on products, accessories, clothing and all round essentials for our baby girl. I watched YouTube videos after YouTube videos, read loads of blogs and even saved Pinterest ‘newborn essentials’ lists. 9/10 times I realised these videos and blogs were not only listing items that were overly expensive, fancy and not necessary at all but they also usually came along with affiliate links. I understand that affiliate links are a source of income for some people and heck, if I was going to receive free products or get paid to advertise something I love I would! But when I saw affiliate links to these products and noticed most items seemed very unnecessary and non ‘essential’ I questioned whether these videos and posts were actually genuine tips and advice or just a way to make money.

So! I’ve decided to make my own blog post (affiliate link FREE!) Including all the actual essential things I personally believe you should invest in to make your life easier as a mumma.

This post isn’t going to include bigger items like cot, bassinet, pram etc as I have already made a post on these items and how you can save some big bucks! Click HERE to check it out!

Another note – this is a list of essentials you may not think of .. it doesn’t include things like nappies, wipes, rash cream, bath soap etc. however I will make another post to include all of the little bits and pieces that I recommend to help any mummas out that are interested so stay tuned! I research everything I buy and buy everything with purpose so I would love to share what I’ve found that works!

Terry towelling nappies (not for nappy use)

12 for $29

These are basically white ‘cloth nappies’ that are extremely useful for burp cloths! These are a must have as we all know how much a newborn baby spits up. At all times I have one or two in my baby bag, one hanging off the side of the lounge, one on my bed side table for night feeds and one on the rocking chair in Isla’s room. See? So handy to have at all times! The amount of times Isla has vomited and our lounge or clothes have been saved by these cloths is a miracle. I even use them on the change mat.

love to dream swaddles


Ok, these are expensive.. I get it but I highly recommend them! Isla started out not really liking these but I persevered and I am so glad I did! She loves them now. In the beginning when I bought her home I would wrap her up to put her to sleep. However she would kick her legs until the wrap was loose and squirm until her hands were free to hold them up by her face. I was also paranoid at the thought of having a loose wrap in her bassinet while she was asleep that could potentially cover her face. The LTD swaddles were a no-brainer. Baby’s feet aren’t trapped in a super tight hold, their hands can be up near their face, yet baby is still held nice and snug like in the womb. Isla also loves to suck on her hands to soothe herself which the LTD swaddles allow her to do. I recommend you buy 3. There has been times when Isla has pooped or vomited on one swaddle in the middle of the night and our one spare had been wet. So having 3 at all times is worth it. Something else to consider is what size to purchase to begin with. I was told throughout my pregnancy that I was to expect a big baby. The LTD swaddles are based on weight starting at newborn size (2.2 – 3.8 kilos). Isla was born at 4.08 kilos so I was glad that I bought a size small to begin with (3.5 – 6 kilos). Perfect fit for Isla.

Rite aid baby nail trimmer


Nail clippers and scissors scared the heck out of me and there was no way I was using these methods to cut Isla’s nails. I was way to scared that I would accidentally cut her skin. So when I spotted this nail file I had to buy it and it has been a god send. It is so soft on Isla’s nails and does not hurt when it touches the skin either. It comes with three different files for when your baby gets bigger and their nails harden up. Isla doesn’t even flinch when I file her little nails. It is battery operated and so quiet you can’t tell it’s even on!

Bonds onsies


Some mumma’s choose to go all out and buy fancy clothing, hair bows, shoes etc.. but if you are reading this you probably want to know what is essential and what is necessary … and all of the pieces I just listed are not. They are cute for photos and super fun for special occasions and you’ll be given plenty but they are not practical or essential. When I was buying clothing for Isla I knew I wanted easy, practical and comfy clothing for her. I bought only onsies and body suits. I didn’t buy anything with tiny buttons or anything too complicated to get on and off. Save those outfits for when baby is bigger and not needing as many nappy and outfit changes. Bonds onsies are amazing. Great quality, comfy and last a long time because the fabric is super stretchy and grows with bub. When buying onsies look for those that have two zippers. One at the top and one at the bottom for easy nappy changes at night. I also loved the bonds cozy suits. So soft and cute and the little pop buttons are not a hassle at all!

Short sleeved body suits

3 for $10

If you have a summer baby I would recommend stocking up on some short sleeve body suits. These are so simple, practical and easy to get on and off on hot days! These are also a better alternative to use then singlets. Singlets never stay down and always ride up! If you want to use these as singlets just buy the singlet cut without the sleeves.

VAVA night light


YOU NEED THIS!!! It is the perfect night light. I bought this literally the night I was induced in the hospital. I went online to Amazon and purchased this. I spent a long time looking for a perfect night light. I needed a light for Isla’s room as well as my own room for when I am feeding at night. So instead of buying two lamps this portable night light was perfect. It has two light settings – cool and warm. You can adjust it by holding your finger on the top and it becomes dull/bright (touch control). It has a charging station and can be taken off to carry it from one room to another. When baby gets bigger it is safe to leave in their cot as it doesn’t become hot. I use it every night to change Islas nappy and see to feed her. I actually leave it on all night so I can see her in her cot as well. It has the option to be super dull but still light enough to see and can be turned to a very bright white light as well.

Baby bjorn carrier


When I was pregnant I just knew a baby carrier was something I needed to get. My sister actually let me borrow hers so I saved $140. I have used the baby bjorn carrier many times before having Isla when baby sitting so I knew that was the one I wanted to use myself. It is comfortable and very easy to use. It feels safe and secure when carrying your baby. I love using my carrier when going for walks, shopping and just cleaning the house (particularly in the new born stage when Isla would sleep so much). If you are tossing up between a carrier and a wrap I would definitely chose a carrier if you were to buy just one. The weight limit is higher in most carriers than wraps and are more practical, I feel. I would take Isla in the carrier to go for walks before the wrap because the carrier feels more secure and supports baby on its own. It’s also much cooler in warm temperatures than a wrap. However wraps are also amazing and I loved using mine.

Chekoh baby wrap


It’s SUPER soft! And comfortable. A little trickier than the carrier to put on at first but once you watch a tutorial and practice a few times you get the hang of it quickly! This wrap is perfect for baby wearing in the first few weeks when they are so small and cuddly. Isla loved sleeping in this wrap but if I’m honest I didn’t use it a whole lot. I mostly just cuddled her in my arms. It is perfect if you have a winter baby and want to wear them to the shops and on walks or just around the house!

BIG baby bath with seat

Unfortunately I do not have a link for this bath as it was a gift.

My mum and sister bought our baby bath for our baby shower and it has been the best bath for us. It’s so big that at 4 months old Isla still fits in it using the seat insert and she is a big baby! We leave the bath inside our big bath as it’s easier to fill up, empty and it doesn’t matter if Isla splashes water everywhere! When we first bought Isla home it was spring and still quite cold so we did have the option of putting the baby bath in front of the wood fire to keep her nice and warm during bath times. My advice would be to get a bath that is really big so baby will get a lot of use out of it. Filling up a baby bath is quicker and uses less water than filling up a bath that will have enough water to keep bub warm in. I love that Isla’s bath is so big that we can take it outside during the summer and use it as a baby pool for Isla to splash around in as well! Using a bath seat is a life saver too! I couldn’t imagine not using one. It allows me to have two hands free to wash Isla while she kicks and splashes her arms and legs!

Nappy backpack


I bought my nappy bag from a website called ‘bubba bump’ however I cannot find this exact bag on their website anymore. Although I found this one above on Amazon which looks identical to mine. I did loads of research to find which is the best baby bag on the market and I discovered that a backpack is much more practical than a single strap bag. It’s so good to be able to throw the backpack on and have both hands free! It also fits so much stuff inside. It has loads of pockets for wipes, nappies, a change mat, burp cloth and nappy bags. So much space for clothing if you are going away and I even put my own things in it like my wallet. This bag also has an insulated pocket for bottles in the front and last but not least it’s a beautiful, high quality bag.

Baby activity play mat (Delux kick N play Piano)


This isn’t an exact essential for a baby the day they arrive home but give them 4-8 weeks and this is a must have. Although it very much can be used as soon as you bring your baby home to lay them on even if they don’t play just yet. We were lucky to get this on special for $60 as well as given to us as a Christmas gift for Isla.

When I was pregnant I use to say “I’ll never have big bulky plastic toys in my house” and I started out with a cute wooden activity gym and honestly it didn’t cut it. It was no where near as fun and interactive for a baby as this mat. The best thing about this play mat is that it converts as your baby grows and develops. It can be used for tummy time, as a piano when baby can sit and even comes apart for when your baby is walking. It’s bright and colourful, plays songs and teaches numbers and colours. There are different settings depending on the stage of development for your baby and most of all it’s so fun. Isla loves laying on this mat and kicking her feet like crazy to play the piano! LOVE THIS!

I really hope this list of essentials helped you in some way! Let me know what you think is essential for a Mumma! I’d love to know what’s been a life saver for you.

Until next time,

Brooklyn xx

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