How to save money when shopping for your newborn

I saved $1651 on just 4 nursery must haves! Read on to find out how!

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am the queen of bargain hunting and saving money. I don’t care if people think I am tight or stingy! I love a good bargain and I’ve always been good at saving money. I’d rather save my money to go on family holidays than on big expensive materialistic things that I don’t use/need. The way I see it is our babies aren’t going to remember or even know what cot they had but they’ll remember family memories forever. So why not invest your money in better things?

When shopping for baby Isla I wanted two things:

1. To only buy what I needed and

2. Not to spend big bucks on things I did need

The cot

Boori cot: $100

SAVING: $599

I started my research on google for the most durable and multifunctional cot. One that would last a long time that would not only serve as a cot for a baby but a toddler bed too! Once I found a brand I liked I went hunting on marketplace on Facebook to see what was out there. Loads of cots for sale were very well loved but you can also find some great cots from pet free and smoke free homes. Once we found one in good condition we went to inspect it and it was perfect! The only issue with the cot was a few chips in the side railing which was easily covered up with a railing cover. The cover is specifically designed for when babies start chewing and sucking on the railing to protect their teeth and gums but also protect the railing from damage. I bought the cot for $100 and it retails for $699. As for the mattress we were lucky enough to have my husbands family purchase a new mattress for the cot.


Tasman Eco bassinet: $60

SAVING: $209

Image from google

For the bassinet I did the same thing. I did my research on the safest bassinet for babies that was SIDS approved. The one thing I wanted in a bassinet was to have mesh walls for the safety of baby. I liked the Tasman Eco bassinets that retailed at $269. Again, I went back to marketplace and I found the exact bassinet I wanted for $60! Normally I wouldn’t use someone else’s mattress. I have found that mattresses easily absorb sweat and in the case of a baby bodily fluids like wee, vomit and even poop! We had planned to buy a new mattress for the bassinet but when we inspected the bassinet we noticed that it was from a lovely clean home and the lady told us that she always used a mattress protector as well as extra cloths to protect the mattress from any stains. The mattress was in perfect condition. All we did was air in out in the sun for a whole day. Even if you were to buy a new mattress you are still saving so much money!


Milo Pram by Milly + Coup: $599

Colour pack: Free


My ideal pram had to be:

– compact and fit in a small space because who wants their entire boot filled with just pram and have no space for anything else?!

– smooth to push, turn and easy to fold down and put up.

– stylish but simple. I wanted a pram that looked stylish that didn’t have 100 accessories and gadgets attached.

– affordable. Prams can cost up to $2000! Totally unnecessary but if that floats your boat that’s cool too!

When I was pregnant my current car was a tiny Getz! I had plans to get a new car before Isla was born but just in case I didn’t get around to it I wanted a pram that would fit in my car and it did! The beauty of a pram I am talking about is the Milo pram by Milly and Coup. It ticked all the boxes for me! You can also buy different unique colour packs to change the pram up. They often have sales/specials where they give out free colour packs when you buy a pram every so often. I waited until they had a special for Mother’s Day and snapped up the pram and the pink colour pack, saving $70.

Car seat

Britax safe-n-sound: $499 +$45 installation

SAVING: $243

Image from google

All car seats sold in Australia, by law, meet Australian standards. Therefore all car seats big and small, affordable and expensive are safe. Car seats range between $100 all the way up to $600 and probably beyond! It is completely your decision if you would like a top of the range car seat with all the extra padding, triple layer crash protection and bamboo fabrics. But this blog is about saving money right? You can do your own research on a car seat as it depends on what you are looking for. Capsule? Regular car seat? Catering for 0-4 years old or 0-8 years old? Or Compact for a small car or the biggest car seat with the whole sha-bang! Me personally, again, I wanted the most compact car seat that fit in a small space. As all car seats have to meet safety standards I wasn’t being sold on the most expensive ones that had all the extra protection because I knew the cheaper ones were still safe! The car seat we went with was the Britax safe-n-sound. I recommend from the moment you find out you are pregnant to start looking out for all the things you need in case they go on sale as they are bound to have multiple sales over a 9 month period. I grabbed our car seat when Baby bunting was having a sale. We got our car seat for $299. We also paid to have Baby bunting install the seat so we knew it was safe and secure and ready to go. This cost an extra $45. We also had a gift voucher from our baby shower for Baby Bunting and so we used this towards our seat and installation.

Rocking chair

ALDI rocking chair: $70

SAVING: $530

A rocking chair was a must have for my nursery when I was pregnant and I am so glad I got one because I sit in it multiple times a day whether to feed or nurse Isla to sleep. Upon creating a Pinterest board with nursery’s and colour schemes I liked I noticed a reoccurring theme. They all had these beautiful grey rocking chairs with timber legs. This style fit in perfectly to a room I intended to have only neutral colours. I went back to my good friend google and started to look for a rocking chair of this description and was surprised to see the price tags! I loved one from Adair’s but was shocked at the $600 price tag. So over the next few months I kept my eye out for what other mummas and mums-to-be were buying for their nursery’s. A pregnant mumma posted a photo of her baby’s nursery on a pregnancy support page on Facebook. I instantly fell in love with her rocking chair, it was exactly like I described. I asked her where she got this from and she said Aldi and that it only cost $150! Luckily she had bought it recently and Aldi was still selling them. They come back in stock every few months so keep an eye out! So I went in to Aldi and the chair was down to just $70!!!! BARGAIN!


Additional newborn essentials

As for smaller items I highly recommend that you create a baby registry. The app I used was ‘Babylist”, especially if you were to have a baby shower or even have friends and family ask what they can buy you add some of the following to your baby registry:

– Activity gym

– Swing/bouncer

– Cot mattress

– Clothing/ swaddles and wraps

– Bowls, spoons and cups

I know manyyyy new mums who have went all out on buying the biggest most expensive items for their new baby because it was their first born and then realised that the biggest and best doesn’t always end up being the best. Big cat seats end up not being practical as well as big bulky prams. Each to their own but I hope you are able to take something from this post! Happy (savvy) shopping!

Brooklyn xx

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