The best things about being pregnant

My blog is like a diary to me. I love that I am able to write down all my thoughts, feelings and experiences and look back on them one day to remind myself of special times. While at the same time I can share it all with anyone who wants to know more.

I wanted to reflect on my favourite parts of pregnancy so far! So here it is:

1. Feeling baby move. It’s like nothing I would have ever imagined. Feeling the movement of a life growing inside of you is so special. Due to having an anterior placenta (my placenta attached itself to the front wall of my uterus) I wasn’t able to feel many movements for a while longer compared to if I had a posterior placenta. I felt little movements at 16 weeks and Peter felt movements about three weeks later. Upon writing this blog I was 29 weeks pregnant and I still only felt a hand full of big movements a day. But when I do I stop what I am doing and enjoy every single kick and roll. I am still so obsessed with feeling her.

2. Sharing an extra special bond with my husband. We created a human life , just us. Our baby is part of him and part of me and that is just an awesome thought. I can’t wait to be a family together and seeing Peter love another life probably even more than he loves me! I think it will be super special the love we will all share together.

3. Sharing my body with my baby. I used to take my body for granted. I use to treat it like it was worthless. I would put myself down constantly. It is far from worthless. My body is growing a miracle. A woman’s body is amazing to be able to grow a life inside of it and support two lives at once. My body is no longer just mine it’s ours and that alone is truely incredible.

4. Ultrasounds. It’s one thing to feel your baby move inside of you but it’s another thing to see the little baby on a screen. It makes it so much more real to see the shape of your baby and watch her suck her thumb. I look forward to ultrasounds and feel so lucky to have had so many!

5. Being a kindy teacher and being pregnant. Firstly, announcing my pregnancy to the students was hilarious. They are so young and obviously don’t understand a lot about pregnancy so I found it hard to tell them. Until another teacher suggested I introduce our class’s “new student”. Well, the kids cracked up laughing and thought I had ate the student… oops!!! Secondly, when I said I have a baby in my belly they all laughed at me and said “no you don’t!” … I clearly had a big belly at this point and when I pointed at my belly to show them they continued to laugh and say “stop being silly!” I even had a few parents come and apologise weeks later saying their child told them I was having a baby but it was a joke which they soon realised it was not a joke!

The kindy kids are always saying hello to baby and giving baby a hug. I had one little boy say to me “do you think it is going to be hard when you have your baby and you have to look after us at the same time?” It killed me inside! I feel so sad to leave my students! They still don’t understand that it means I won’t be their teacher for the whole year.

6. My growing belly. Something that surprises me. Before pregnancy I had some serious body image issues. I used to constantly grab and poke at every inch of body fat and feel disgusted at how I looked. It’s horrible to think about but I had some deep issues around my body and yet I was in good shape (clearly didn’t see it at the time). But the thought of being pregnant and having a big belly excited me. I couldn’t care less how big my belly gets because I know exactly why it’s happening. I am still eating healthy and exercising so I know it’s not me gaining huge amounts of fat and becoming unhealthy. It’s for our baby and that is absolutely fine with me. My body is doing exactly what it needs to do.

7. Overcoming fears of doctors and needles. I had an extremely irrational fear of blood tests prior to pregnancy. I was once referred to get an emergency blood test due to having chest pain for more than 24 hours and I refused it… being pregnant I can no longer be selfish and I happily get blood tests for the sake of baby! I actually look forward to getting tests done now just to get the results. I want to know everything about mine and baby’s health. I also used to hate doctor surgeries and hospitals they would give me so much anxiety but again I know they are here to benefit baby so I am all about them now.. give me all the appointments!

Also since finding out I have gestational diabetes I have had no choice but to get use to having needles every day! From 4 finger pricks a day to insulin injection each night. I have had countless needles and injections over the past 9 months! And although I’ve HATED most of them I am so proud of myself for just doing it! Again, it’s all for the baby!

There is a million things I am loving about my pregnancy and I’ll forever feel grateful that my body was able to grow a baby. Most people that follow my Instagram will know that I have had many issues and down moments throughout this pregnancy. It’s not all butterflies and sunflowers. It’s hard. Emotionally, mentally and physically but amazing all at the same time!

If you’d like to know some of my struggles you can go to my Instagram @ Brooklyynn_m and watch my IGTV series.

Until next time,

Brooklyn xx

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