Wedding blog No. 2: Saying ‘I do’

Now standing behind a flower wall with my mum, my bridesmaid, maid of honour, flower girl and ring bearer (who didn’t actually have the rings) I was so excited to finally see Peter. The weather was beautiful, and the atmosphere was perfect. The Brassey Gardens in Barton (ACT) was one of the best decisions Peter and I made for our wedding day

The song ‘Feels like home’ by Chantal Kreviazuk began to play. My little nephew Jyden started off down the aisle. At the time I couldn’t see what was happening in the ceremony space so getting our wedding on film was probably the BEST decision we had made. I love watching it back and seeing my bridal party walk down the aisle…

In a few moments I was standing arm in arm with my mum at the top of the aisle where my eyes met Peters. We both couldn’t wipe the smile off our faces. Walking down the aisle was easier than I imagined. I felt on top of the world. My wonderful mum walked me down the aisle and handed me over to Peter.

Our celebrant, Married by Sheridan, was another AMAZING choice for us. She was wonderfully kind, gentle and funny. As she spoke about love and what it meant to Peter and I to have everyone before us on this special day the faces of our friends and family lit up. The entire ceremony was like a dream to me. I stood there (well… I was shaking in my shoes like nothing else – literally – just ask our guests or watch our wedding video) feeling happy, nervous, excited and overwhelmed with emotions. During the ceremony while waiting for my parts I just stared into the audience to embrace all the people I love who had come to witness this special moment. I wanted to make sure I looked at everyone to remember their joyful faces.

I was so excited to read my vows to Peter. We usually tell each other everything and it was so hard to not read them to him prior to the wedding. I really struggled to start writing my vows but once I started I couldn’t stop.

We said our personal vows that we had written ourselves, signed some papers and it was time for our first kiss. My favourite part was jumping off the step (literally) as husband and wife to the song ‘We go together’ from the movie ‘Grease’ as we danced off down the aisle together.

The ceremony was styled by Showpony events who added the perfect touches to make the already tranquil garden wedding ready. We had white modern chairs, a beautiful white drape over the frame where the bridal party would stand and white lanterns hanging from wires above us.

Our ceremony was intimate with only 50 of our closest friends and family. Peter and I thought of our wedding as a celebration of our love and commitment. A fun day to spend with all the people we love. Some people frown upon weddings that aren’t traditional. There were many decisions we made for our wedding that many people may not have agreed with such as:

  • My mum walking me down the aisle
  • Ceremony in a garden instead of a church
  • Not every family member was invited (We invited those family and friends that were a constant in our lives and that we were close to at the time of our wedding to share our day with us.
  • My longest friend was not my bridesmaid (due to the simple fact that I didn’t want anything to come between us! As some of us know wedding prep is STRESSFUL and sometimes other people’s opinions are not always helpful and people don’t always agree!) I know this one is probably hard to understand!

That is just a few things that some people may not agree with but Peter and I made these decisions for us and when it comes to planning a wedding you can’t possibly please everyone. In a wedding you’ll be surprised how many people think they have a say but at the end of the day it’s not for them but for you and your husband to be!

Ceremony planning advice

I thought I would add some advice if you are planning an outdoor ceremony and just general advice that may help with your planning.

  1. Having a wet weather back up plan that you LOVE. We had a backup plan that wasn’t our first choice (obviously) the garden was but knowing my back up plan wasn’t something I really loved made me stress just that extra bit more when a back up plan is supposed to relieve some stress.
  2. Have a wedding rehearsal when all bridal party members can attend, especially the flower girl and ring bearer. Only my bridesmaid made my rehearsal so when it came to my flower girl and ring bearer walking down the aisle, they had no idea where to go when they got to the end. I’d suggest planning the rehearsal well in advance to make sure all the bridal party could attend.
  3. Choose a destination where the aisle is made from rocks or concrete not just grass. It rained the morning of our ceremony, though thankfully ceased in time for our 3PM ceremony. Our aisle was pathed with rocks, but I could imagine if it were grass it would have been hard to walk down with heels and your beautiful dress might get dirty before the ceremony even begins!
  4. Consider the position of the sun. When choosing a ceremony garden or outdoor space go check it out at the time you are thinking of having the actual ceremony so you can see for yourself where the sun will be positioned at that time of the day. The sun was in the perfect position at our wedding and was not in the direct eyes of our guests. Not only would it be annoying to have the glaring sun in your eyes for 20 minutes, but all your photos will be of your guests holding a hand over their face.

For those of you who are interested in our personal written vows go to the next Blog post: Our vows! (coming soon)

All of these incredible photos were taken by translucent photography!

Brooklyn xx

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