Is my name really Brooke Brooke?

Ok, so as the story goes my husbands name is Peter Brooke and my first name, as we know, is Brooke. Now, from the day Peter and I met we realised his last name is the same as my first name. Before we even knew each other we laughed that if we got married my name would inevitably be.. Brooke Brooke. Before we knew it we were dating, then engaged and, also inevitably, we were going to get married.

Our names have been the talk of the town for as long as we have been together so of course the day we got engaged the jokes were more constant and the question was asked ALL.THE.BLOODY. TIME! “Will you be taking Peters last name?!?” Was what everybody wanted to know. Sometimes I said yes sometimes I said no. I was enjoying teasing everyone and to be honest I didn’t think twice about it for a long time.

The name was already a joke to everyone and in the end I started to think.. I don’t want everyone to meet me and the first thing they think about is my name. I wanted to be able to introduce myself and say my name without a joke being made. Not because I would be embarrassed but I wanted to be taken seriously, especially working as a teacher.

I knew that no matter what decision I made I’d always be Peters wife, I’d always be apart of the Brooke family and I’d always be called Brooke Brooke anyway.

At times we would discuss creating a new last name altogether. But we never settled on one we both liked.

In the end I kept my last name, even though we disappointed everybody. My name has remained Brooke McMahon and I am happy it is. Of course, a part of me is sad that I never got to change my name but I’m glad in this situation I kept my name, for multiple reasons too, including I didn’t have to change my name on every other document in my life.

So why is my name on facebook Brooke Brooke? 1. I wanted to make everyone think I changed it because.. it was funny! 2. I am not officially Brooke Brooke but I am called that constantly and 3. why not?

My decision to keep my maiden name is not a reflection of my love for my husband and he knows this well. No, I don’t care that my children will have a different last name than I.. well technically they’ll all have my name 😉 plus when they get in trouble at school I can say “no sorry, they aren’t my kids”. XD


Nope, I am not Brooke Brooke. Well not officially anyway.

Until next time,

Brooklyn xo

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