Wedding blog No. 1: Getting ready

On the 5th of October 2019 at 6 am I opened my eyes… It was the day Peter and I had been planning for, for over a year. I woke up next to my mum in the executive suite at Hotel Realm in Canberra. The room I chose to get ready in was perfect. It had a separate lounge area to the bedroom so there was plenty of space for hair, makeup and … panic!

The first thing I did upon waking up was check the dreaded weather app on my phone. For months prior I had been worried about the weather as our ceremony was in a garden and I did not want it to rain! The weather forecast was that it was predicted to rain, which I had been watching closely for over a week. So panic was the main emotion I was feeling leading up to the big day.

‘High chance of rain at 9 am, clear skies in the afternoon’. I completely ignored the second half of that sentence and only focused on the beginning. Yep, I was worried. I lied in bed staring at the roof when I heard the dreaded sound of rain… however a tiny part of me thought “it’ll be fine, the sooner it rains the sooner it’ll be over”.

Before the day started I sat down with my beautiful Mum and gave her a gift to say thank you for all her help with the wedding. Although no gift will ever express how grateful I am for her, I bought her the Gucci flora emerald limited edition perfume. At 9 o’clock hair and makeup arrived and the day started.

Our hair stylist was the beautiful Hair by Sarah Patricia and makeup by Makeup and Beauty by Sam who did a wonderful job. I had bought my bridesmaid, maid of honour and I gowns to get ready in from Booboo which we pranced around in those, drinking champagne and listening to music all morning. (obviously my pregnant sister was not drinking alcohol.. just thought I would add that!)

The morning flew by and at 12 pm the sky was clear and the sun was out. It was the perfect temperature and the perfect weather! I was becoming incredibly excited!

My adorable flower girl turned up in her amazing French rose lace back dress from Arabella and Rose, along with her cast from breaking her little arm just the day before! (What are the chances?!) My very pregnant sister Jodi and my friend Jenna stepped into their gorgeous dresses from Model chic. They looked gorgeous! Finding the perfect dress knowing I had a pregnant maid of honor is another story altogether! However, the dress we all decided on was the perfect match!

Our photographer Lucy from Translucent Photography arrived and started snapping shots of the getting ready process and all the tiny details of the dress etc. this is about the time I started to really get nervous. It was no longer just Mum, Jodi, Jenna and I getting ready listening to music. The time had come to get my dress on and start walking down the road to the ceremony. I couldn’t wait to see Peter, my future husband, standing at the end of the isle.

It was time for me to put on my stunningly detailed, princess gown! The day I tried this little number on it bought tears to my eyes because it was perfect! Nothing like I ever imagined I would choose! But it made me feel absolutely beautiful!! It was a Stella York style 6776 gown that I had custom made through Annabels Bridal studio in Kingston, Canberra, along with my veil as well.

My flowers were delivered to the room (which were from Coach house flowers in Tumut). Everybody was ready to go. I put my perfume on that Peter had delivered to my room as a little gift, my veil went in, my shoes were on and it was go time.

Lucy went between Peter and I to take shots of both sides of the bridal party throughout the morning. Although Peter and I didn’t break the rule of seeing each other before the wedding we were texting, non stop… and I may have called him that morning, because I realised one thing in particular while away from him, his the only person who knows how to calm my nerves and make me feel relaxed.

When Lucy left my room to go check that the ceremony was ready for me I took many deep breaths and tried not to let tears ruin my beautiful makeup! at 2:55 I started to make my way out of the Hotel.

Our ceremony was held at the Brassy gardens in Barton just a short walk from Hotel Realm. I can’t explain the nerves as I walked down the street, people passing congratulating me, cars driving past staring, Mum holding my dress off the ground and my bride tribe walking next to me. It was time!

Next blog coming – saying I do!

Until next time,

Brooke xo

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