About me

As you may already know my name is Brooke or Brooklyn as my family and friends sometimes call me. I am on my 27th lap around the sun! I grew up in a small country town called Tumut with my Dad, Mum, older brother Robert and older sister Jodi. I had an … interesting childhood that one day I may want to share with you all but for now let’s keep it rolling…

Me as a child with my blonde bob
My brother Robert and his girlfriend Amy, my nephews Ryda and baby Jyden and niece Lluka.

As a teenager I applied for jobs as soon as it was legal at the age of 14. I loved the feeling of independence and freedom money allowed me to have. When I finished high school at 17 I moved to Canberra to start my University degree. A lot of changes happened in my life during my first year of Uni and when I look back on this time I feel so proud of myself for not quitting and giving it all up and moving back to my family home. I was living in a bad situation at one point but again maybe I’ll leave that for another day.

My mumma Maryanne and sister Jodi at my last uni graduation

After studying my first degree in Psychology I started to look for work with traumatised children – my lifelong dream at the time. I found my first gig as a care worker with traumatised children in residential care within a month, for two different organisations. This role involved caring for children up to the age of 18 who had been removed from their families due to negligence and abuse. It was TOUGH! I cared deeply, I heard horrible stories, I was involved in terrifying things and one day I built up the courage to put myself first and take care of my own mental health and take a much-needed break. With the hope of returning to work in a week or so the thought of going back made my stomach twist in a knot. So, I made the very difficult decision to resign from this role. I had been working really well with one child that I knew my decision was going to negatively impact.

My brother Robert and my beautiful mum

However, I made the right decision for me and it was back to the drawing board to think about where to next. Since I was a child I always knew and said I wanted to work with children to make a positive impact in their lives. Before Psychology I had been considering primary teaching but had chosen psychology instead. I decided to go back to University to become a teacher. It only took two very short years before I was standing in front of my first class of year 1 students! My first class was the most incredible experience and I loved every second of it! I knew it was a great decision for me and that is my career up until this point.

Two of my friends Becky and Liss I met after moving to Canberra

In 2016 I met my now husband Peter. Little did we know we would end up engaged and planning a wedding for October (2019). Nine months into our relationship we went on our first overseas trip together to the USA. What an amazing experience! In 2018 we travelled to Fiji and that is where Peter got down on one knee!

In October 2019 we got married in the stunning gardens at the Brassey Hotel in Canberra before our closest family and friends. Then travelled to Bali for our honeymoon. Only a short time after in the 8th of January 2020 we discovered we were going to have our first child! A girl!

My wonderful fiance Peter and I in Melbourne

In September 2020 our beautiful baby girl Isla Rae was born and we became parents! Being a mum has without a doubt become my favourite thing ever!

Some facts about me:

  • I am currently on a dairy free diet due to breastfeeding and Isla having an intolerance
  • I am terrified of my family and I getting ill or dying, tsunamis and the ocean
  • I love being outside and wish I could live and work somewhere that allowed me to always be outside in a sunny and warm environment
  • I love storms!
  • I am a book worm and love sick and twisted true crime stories
  • I would rather not sleep if we didn’t have too! I hate wasting time!
  • I am super passionate about mental health and happiness
  • I hate knowing we have limited time on earth when there is a million things I want to see and do
My longest friend to date on my left: Emily and Lauren

Thank you for reading a bit more about me and I hope you’ve learnt something you did not already know! There are many more parts of my life I would like to share eventually, in depth, so watch this space!

Until next time,


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