Our engagement photo shoot

February 22nd 2019

Finding the perfect photographer was always a high priority on the wedding planning list of things to do. Late one night when I felt the urge to research wedding photographers near me it didn’t take long to find Translucent photography. To be honest I don’t really remember how I stumbled across Lucy’s amazing photographs on her Instagram but I am so glad I did. At the time she was offering an amazing package deal that we couldn’t pass up. The moment I saw Translucent photography’s Instagram I fell in love with her photos. They weren’t like any other photos I’d seen previously. Her package was well under our budget which blew me away. At the time all other photographers starting packages were $4000 or more. The package we received included 10 hours worth of photography and a complimentary engagement photo shoot. What more could we want? perfect we snapped it up!

With 8 months to go until our wedding day we thought we better get our butts into gear and book our engagement photo shoot with Lucy. Lucy had suggested that we choose a location for our photos that was different to the theme/location vibes for our wedding day to get the contrast in our photos. We completely agreed. So we decided to head up to Wollongong – Port Kembla beach to be exact to get our photos taken and finally meet Lucy.

I had taken the day off work to get my makeup professionally done and my hair cut and styled. I wanted to make the most of the photo shoot to suss out a local makeup artist for a bridal trial and thought I’d better also get my hair done if I am going to have my makeup done too. We made our way towards Wollongong at 3pm to kick off our shoot at 6:30 pm. Just before leaving Canberra Lucy messaged me to warn me of the not so good weather conditions(rain) and asked if we would like to reschedule. We were about to leave Canberra, I had my hair and makeup done and had taken the day off work AND we wouldn’t be able to reschedule anytime soon. We took the chance and wanted to continue with the plan!

When we got to Wollongong the weather was not too bad… from inside the car. When stepping out at the beach it was extremely windy! a bit cloudy but there were little signs of rain.. so far okay. On meeting Lucy she was very laid back and friendly like I pictured from her emails. The conversation flowed easily and the only time we felt awkward was our first photo which she warned us of. From then we didn’t stop laughing and having a good time the entire shoot. After getting about 20 photos in the first 10 ish minutes it started to rain! Only sprinkling at first but it continued for some time until we were all completely drenched! At first I thought our photo shoot had been ruined but Lucy didn’t appear concerned for even a second. She made the most of it and made us feel at ease.

We were blessed with a rainbow and an amazing sunset before the shoot ended and we left feeling so glad it had rained. It created a memory for us that would last a lifetime. We will never forget it. If it hadn’t of been raining and we hadn’t of been so wet already I probably wouldn’t have been very keen when Lucy suggested we run into the waves as far as we can so they crash over us. It was so much fun and we couldn’t really believe what we were doing. We couldn’t stop giggling.

Keep scrolling to see more of our photos. We hope you love them as much as we do!

Photo shoot details:

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