Baby bag essentials you actually Need

Just like when I was researching what to pack in my own hospital bag I came across so many pages suggesting to pack the most extensive list of things in your hospital bag and baby’s bag. I really kept my own packing to essential must haves. All of my baby essentials fit nicely in my... Continue Reading →

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Hospital bag essentials you actually need!

Let’s keep this introduction short and sweet. Here’s a list of things you will actually need when going into hospital to give birth. So many people pack the most extensive list of things in their hospital bag that they will not need! I’ve also included a list of things I thought I needed but didn’t... Continue Reading →

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How to make friends as a new mum!

Something you hear often when you’re pregnant is how important it is to have a support network. Although, if you are anything like me you might think “I’ve got this, I don’t need support” but honestly, ego aside, I now understand the importance in having a good support network of women who are going through... Continue Reading →

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Newborn essentials that you actually need!

During pregnancy I did a lot of research on products, accessories, clothing and all round essentials for our baby girl. I watched YouTube videos after YouTube videos, read loads of blogs and even saved Pinterest ‘newborn essentials’ lists. 9/10 times I realised these videos and blogs were not only listing items that were overly expensive,... Continue Reading →

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Exercise after birth

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or health physician in any way, shape or form. I am writing about my own experience of exercising after birth. What I have done may not be right for you. Every single persons health, birth, experience, strength and readiness is completely different. Do not compare yourself to me or... Continue Reading →

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My birth story

Well, where do I even begin? Let’s start with the call I received from the Canberra Women’s and Children’s Hospital at 9am on Saturday the 12th of September 2020. The call I had been anticipating for weeks, for months really. The call to be told to come in to the hospital to be induced, to... Continue Reading →

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My favourite part of pregnancy

My blog is like a diary to me. I love that I am able to write down all my thoughts, feelings and experiences and look back on them one day to remind myself of special times. While at the same time I can share it all with anyone who wants to know more. I wanted... Continue Reading →

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Wedding blog No. 2: Saying ‘I do’

Now standing behind a flower wall with my mum, my bridesmaid, maid of honour, flower girl and ring bearer (who didn’t actually have the rings) I was so excited to finally see Peter. The weather was beautiful, and the atmosphere was perfect. The Brassey Gardens in Barton (ACT) was one of the best decisions Peter... Continue Reading →

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Wedding blog No. 1: Getting ready

On the 5th of October 2019 at 6 am I opened my eyes... It was the day Peter and I had been planning for, for over a year. I woke up next to my mum in the executive suite at Hotel Realm in Canberra. The room I chose to get ready in was perfect. It... Continue Reading →

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My keto diet experience

I first became interested in the keto diet when I saw Jazgoesfitspo’s results on Instagram. She lost an incredible amount of weight from the keto diet. So I started doing my own research. I watched many YouTube videos read articles and listened to podcasts. I would watch Jaz’s Instagram stories on what she was eating... Continue Reading →

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About me

As you may already know my name is Brooke or Brooklyn as my family and friends sometimes call me. I am on my 27th lap around the sun! I grew up in a small country town called Tumut with my Dad, Mum, older brother Robert and older sister Jodi. I had an … interesting childhood... Continue Reading →

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The most terrifying moment of our lives

Today, while playing with some visitors Isla face planted into hard flooring from sitting position. I was instantly by her side to pick her up and tell her she was ok. She screamed her little heart out and was difficult to calm. She was due for a feed anyway so I fed her to calm... Continue Reading →

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